Partnerships Manager

Benjamin Ng

Benjamin Ng is currently a Partnerships Manager at Common Purpose Asia Pacific. Driven by the desire to bring people together across boundaries and finding innovative ways to create meaningful value, Benjamin endeavours to connect people to purpose, and vice-versa, in the social, non-profit space.

Benjamin was fortunate to have worked with passionate, like-minded people at his previous employments, of which both are non-profit in nature. His most recent experience at Temasek Foundation gave him a glimpse into the vast world of philanthropic giving and the crucial need for effective leadership in our communities, while his stint at the Esplanade kickstarted his journey into non-profit purpose. Now at Common Purpose, Benjamin hopes to deliver his passion in the social purpose space through developing leaders that can cross boundaries and lead beyond authority. It is especially important to him that the work done with Common Purpose is both meaningful and valuable to all partners and participants involved.

Beyond work, he loves to get his adrenaline pumping through sports, and was a Judo and Sambo champion in his previous life. Now, you are likely to find him at the gym, quietly honing his craft in Olympic Weightlifting.