Programmes in the UK

Common Purpose delivers a range of leadership programmes for individuals, organizations and universities, and customized programmes for organizations, in cities across the UK.

Open programmes: Senior leaders


An experiential global leadership programme for senior leaders from business, governments and social sectors across the world as they transition to become global leaders – at work and in society.

Open programmes: Emerging leaders

American Express Leadership Academy

A free leadership development programme for emerging leaders in the not-for-profit sector. 

Student programmes

We partner with universities to deliver our co-curricular leadership programmes. These programmes offer a cutting-edge CQ pedagogy with power experiential learning techniques, equipping students with the CQ to thrive in the world today.

Future Leader Experiences

Students connect with senior leaders and go behind the scenes at a city level to explore how to be a leader with CQ.

Global Leader Experiences: Home

We convene a diverse, multi-disciplinary, international group of students who go off campus to tackle a global challenge in the city in which they are studying.

Global Leader Experiences: Abroad

We take students abroad, immersing them in a major city to tackle a global challenge.

Complete University Guide 2019

We are proud to work with 9 of the top 20 UK Universities.


Legacy Initiatives

Legacy Initiatives are for young people aged 18-25, from across a city or country. They challenge a generation to think 20-30 years ahead – to a significant anniversary for their city or country – and think through what their legacy will be. Find out more about Legacy Initiatives here


Commonwealth100 equips the next generation with Open Source Leadership, a new model of leadership, created by young people who will be the Commonwealth’s leaders by its centenary in 2049.


In 2032, it will be 150 years since Newcastle was formally granted city status. Newcastle150 will bring together 150 young leaders each year to address the question: “What will the legacy of our generation be?”


2048 will mark 100 years since a team at the University of Manchester developed “The Baby”, the world’s first modern computer. It was a moment of innovation that has defined the lives not only of their generation but of every generation after them. GM100 will bring together 100 young leaders to address the question: “What will the legacy of our generation be?”

Our work with organizations

Customized programmes

Common Purpose works with over 1,000 organizations each year. We develop leaders who can cross boundaries at every level of an organization. Contact us to find out more about customized programmes.

Bite-sized learning

Bite-sized, impactful leadership learning for your organization at an attractive cost per head. Choose from a two-hour or half-day workshop to bring new perspectives and ideas to the leadership challenges currently facing your organization.

CQ Accelerator

The CQ Accelerator is an experiential online leadership programme designed to grow the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of your organization as a whole.