About Common Purpose India

Common Purpose is a not-for-profit organization which develops leaders who can cross boundaries – be it boundaries of sector, specialization, generations, geographies, backgrounds or beliefs. This enables them to solve complex problems in organizations and in cities.

Common Purpose India is one of a number of international Common Purpose entities that operates under a licence agreement with the Common Purpose Charitable Trust.

Company Information

Common Purpose India is a company registered under Section 25 /now Section 8 of the Companies Act 1956. (With 80 G status) – not-for-profit entity. 

The main object of the company is to engage in, conduct, promote, sponsor and carry on in India specialized leadership entrepreneurial development programmes, training courses, seminars, conferences, presentations, meetings or events for people from all sections of society. This includes working with professionals, government officials, heads of organizations, non-governmental organizations, students, representatives from hospitals, schools or such other institutions with a view to improve and excel persons within in leadership. Additional outcomes include enhancing management & decision making qualities not only in their own sphere of operation, but more so to help them to carry on such qualities of leadership even outside their territory and thus contribute to society at large.

Common Purpose India also aims to encourage and motivate persons to carry on social & community building activities through such programmes, in a range of organizations such as prison, asylums, orphanages, juvenile rehabilitation centers and homes for the elderly.

We encourage, motivate and engage in any social, economic or cultural awareness activity programmes for the intellectual and inter-personal development of individuals. This includes promoting self-help groups, engaging in poverty alleviation and illiteracy eradication programme, activities of improving public health system and such other activities; by supporting agencies and other organizations, both governmental and non-governmental involved in similar programmes. 

We also engage in the production, printing, copying, publishing, distributing and disseminating of all kinds of information articles, materials, books, magazines, documents, periodicals, correspondences or catalogues in a range of formats. These include electronic and such other means for purposes of promoting programmes or activities undertaken by the Company.