Senior leaders

Leadership programmes for senior leaders who hold established leadership roles.

We understand that for any established leader, problems are rarely simple. Whether it’s leading people or pursuing opportunities, the problems you have to solve are often complex and fragmented. They can involve many different stakeholders; and can spread across boundaries in your organization and boundaries in society.

That’s why, for over 25 years, Common Purpose has specialized in developing leaders who can cross these boundaries. Our experiential leadership programmes give leaders the skills and connections to lead people from different backgrounds—be that different generations, geographies, sectors, specializations or beliefs.

HRH Princess Anne meeting CSCLeaders participants.

A Common Purpose programme brings you together with a diverse group of senior leaders, and exposes you to new experiences and new perspectives. Our internationally focused programmes, CSCLeaders and the ASEAN Leaders programme, enable you to become part of a global network and work together to increase your Cultural Intelligence (CQ)—the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures. Our locally focused programme, Meridian, takes you to places in your city where you can gain insights and spot new opportunities.

The result is that you will become a leader with broader horizons, who can lead across boundaries in order to solve complex problems and create positive change.

HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, President, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences

"What I have witnessed has been transformational as the individuals overcome assumptions and form into high-performing focused teams, and this is what makes the Commonwealth Study Conferences so special."

The impact of our programmes

Paul Ogburn, Retail Director, Tate Enterprises

“The course has had a profound impact on me, far greater than any classroom training environment I have experienced. I built confidence and self belief in my leadership by learning from the experiences of others, and created new opportunities through broader, deeper networking.”

CSCLeaders 2015: Samukeliso Khumalo on developing CQ
My Common Purpose programme was critical
Vanessa Naicker, Head of Asset Optimisation, Anglo American

"Whilst internal programmes offer valuable networking opportunities, CSCLeaders was powerful and different in that it allows for broad networks to be developed that are uniquely diverse in that you get to interact with thought leaders from NGOs, NPOs, public and private sector and discuss, deliberate and be part of impactful conversations and also have the opportunity to influence perceptions on a broad range of topics."

Our programmes for senior leaders


An annual global programme which assembles 100 exceptional senior leaders selected from governments, businesses and NGOs across the 52 countries of the Commonwealth.

ASEAN Leaders Programme

An annual leadership programme for senior leaders in the ASEAN region, drawn from across sectors, where they work on a challenge relevant to the region.

Meridian (also known as Matrix in Germany)

A local programme that deals with real-life leadership issues and insights in your city. It is designed for leaders who want to improve their ability to lead in any situation.