Leadership programmes

Jenny Kim

The University of Melbourne

Follow the stories of four Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars and hear first-hand their learnings and experiences over the 12 month leadership development programme.

"Networking with the other scholars will inspire me to truly make a difference in my own unique way."


I’m a third year Arts Student at the University of Melbourne majoring in International Relations. I will be finishing my degree at the University of Hong Kong. I’m passionate about international politics and social change and have a particular interest in East Asia as well as Australia’s role in the Asian Century. I’m also an avid traveller and love getting to know new cultures. Last year I spent two months in China and Korea. I also did a four month solo trip where I trekked to Everest Base Camp.

Skills & Expertise

East Asian politics

South Korea’s modern political and economic climate

Australia-Asia relations

Persuasive or creative non-fiction writing

Photo journalism/travel photography