Leadership programmes

Abi Rajkumar

The Australian National University

Follow the stories of four Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars and hear first-hand their learnings and experiences over the 12 month leadership development programme.

"Recognize that being passionate is not enough. In order to enact real change, you have to be equipped with the skills and experiences required to make a real difference."


I love exploring societies through travel and being able to connect with people in the most unexpected of ways. I am passionate about making a significant and lasting impact through new, innovative and sustainable international development practices. Asia has so much to offer Australia, and I look forward to using the power of film to tell stories of experience and to highlight the importance of recognising our shared humanity. My favourite aspects of all things life are surrounding myself with incredible, supportive and fun individuals, enjoying delicious cocktails whilst listening to live music, and the wonderful feeling of being in the water. 

Skills & Expertise

The preservation of cultural heritage

Indigenous justice

Australian politics & progressive thought

International projects and capacity building

Filmmaking, storytelling and photography