Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship

 Developing Cultural Intelligence, extending networks and strengthening leadership capabilities of students within an increasingly globalized world.

Susan Bannigan, CEO, Westpac Bicentennial Foundation

“The Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship is more than just an exchange scholarship. It’s a programme that identifies and supports undergraduates who want to actively contribute to Australia's success in Asia. Beyond financial support, the scholarship provides recipients with experiences, cultural leadership development and ongoing networking opportunities, so they are better equipped to reach their full potential in their chosen fields.”

Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship

We are delighted to be working with Westpac Bicentennial Foundation to deliver a bespoke 12 month leadership development programme as part of the Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship. The Scholarship supports undergraduates who are committed to strengthening Australia’s commercial and cultural ties with Asia.

Our bespoke 12 month leadership development programme incorporates online and face-to face components. Scholars will increase their key leadership skills, develop Cultural Intelligence, extending networks and strengthen leadership capabilities for an increasingly globalized world.

This unique experience also includes four days in Singapore to allow the scholars to deeply immerse themselves in the city. This gives them the opportunity to develop Cultural Intelligence and reflect deeply on themselves and their leadership. Scholars gain a truly global learning experience.

We invite you to follow the stories of four Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars during their time abroad. We will hear first-hand their learnings and reflections of the leadership development programme and their experiences of exploring new cities.

This leadership development programme is delivered in partnership with Westpac Bicentennial Foundation.

The Westpac Scholarship programme is an initiative of the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation. The Foundation was launched in 2014 as a $100 million gift to the nation to celebrate Westpac’s bicentenary; providing 100 scholarships a year, forever. The Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship is one of five scholarship programs offered by Westpac Bicentennial Foundation.

Andy Coxall, Chief Executive, Common Purpose Student Experiences

"Australia’s leaders of the future will need to cross boundaries and work with people who aren't like them. We are delighted to partner with Westpac Bicentennial Foundation on this programme. It will provide these young leaders and Westpac Scholars from leading Australian universities with an unique opportunity to enhance their Cultural Intelligence by immersing them in Singapore before they go onto their Asian exchanges."