Common Purpose
City Challenge
Western Sydney

This program is for students studying at Western Sydney University, in partnership with The Academy and  21C Curriculum Project.

Join the City Challenge and tackle a major challenge set by senior leaders of your city. At the same time, develop your ability to thrive in complex situations and lead diverse groups to innovative solutions.

Join the Western Sydney City Challenge

The Challenge: 'How can Western Sydney embrace renewable and resilient energy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050?'


Common Purpose and The Academy at Western Sydney University, in partnership with 21C Curriculum Project, invite you and up to 500 of your peers to come together for two days to visit organisations on the frontline and hear from experts as you get to grips with the challenge set by the city's leadership: ‘How can Western Sydney embrace renewable and resilient energy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050?’’

Working in diverse groups of peers, you will devise innovative solutions and present your idea to experts and senior stakeholders in your city who could make it a reality. This is your chance to make an impact and leave your mark on your city.

This program is for students studying at Western Sydney University.

This program is made possible through the kind support of our University Partner, The Academy at Western Sydney University and 21C Curriculum Project. 

Who you could meet

Some of the organisations you could hear from and visit include:

  • Greater Sydney Commission
  • City of Parramatta
  • Macquarie Group
  • Arup
  • Canterbury Bankstown City Council
  • Electric Vehicle Council
  • Green Building Council of Australia
  • GreenPower
  • Landcom
  • Sydney Metro
  • Sydney Water
  • Western Sydney Business Chamber
  • Western Sydney Parkland Trust
  • Western Sydney Community Forum
Jose Antonio Diaz, Student, Western Sydney University, Global Leader Experience 2019

“The most impactful moment was coming to look at everyone's idea and their efforts to prepare everything in such a short time frame. I'll take away everything that this program has had to offer from its message about flexing to inclusive leadership."

Why take part?

As a result of the program you will have developed – and be able to demonstrate – the skills and competencies required to be successful in the 21st century:

  • Through living with ambiguity you will be more Open
  • Through solving complex problems you will be more Influential

How to apply

When and where?
27 – 28 February 2020
Western Sydney University
Parramatta South Campus

How much? FREE
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Applications are now open.
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We are grateful for the support of Western Sydney University as our University Partner.

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