The Common Purpose Programme

Tough times don’t have to leave you feeling stuck.

We created The Common Purpose Programme to support leaders to reach their full potential and to develop the skills they need to make change happen.

The benefits of The Common Purpose Programme include:

  • Re-energizing your leadership by joining a diverse, cross-sector peer group
  • Finding the inspiration you’ve been looking for
  • Learning how to adapt to new responsibilities and rapid change
  • Discovering how to lead people through tough times and create wider impact

Download a brochure and discover how we develop inclusive leaders who can thrive in complex situations.

Shuvo Saha, Founder, Google Digital Academy

"Like everything else they do, Common Purpose’s approach to online learning is unique – their online programmes unlock the energy, insight and transformation that only ever comes when leaders from completely different worlds connect on such a deep level."

What will we learn?

Personal agility

Discover how to adapt quicker and thrive in a fast, fluid, ambiguous world.

Leading people

Develop your inclusive leadership and explore how build diverse teams, which are both innovative and resilient.

Transforming systems

Create a wider impact by learning how to solve complex, boundary-crossing problems involving multiple, diverse stakeholders.

Online learning that unlocks the power of perspective

The Common Purpose programme provides leaders with the opportunity to unpick essential aspects of leadership, by exploring them through the eyes of others. This online programme is brought to life through experiential content, inspirational contributors and real-time sessions.

Interactive online learning (12 hours a month)

Real-time workshops with experienced facilitators and inspirational contributors

Diverse, cross-sector, international cohort

Locally-focused sessions rooted in your own city or region

Mobile app that helps translates learning back into the role

Internationally recognized CPD credit

CPD accredited

Emerging leaders programme = 25 hours of internationally recognized CPD credit

Senior leaders programme = 40 hours of CPD credit

Find out more

To know more about The Common Purpose Programme, including further information on the price, impact and programme experience, please download the brochure.

You can also contact us.