Leadership programmes

Customized programmes

We deliver customized leadership development programmes that inspire and equip global corporate leaders to work across boundaries.

The globalized business market is becoming more complex, fragmented and interdependent. We believe that the best leaders are able to lead across boundaries and especially lead diverse people—from different backgrounds, beliefs, generations, geographies, specializations and sectors.

Common Purpose delivers customized leadership development programmes that inspire and equip global corporate leaders to work across boundaries. As a result, they are better able to lead diverse teams; build relationships across their organization; collaborate with external partners; and thrive in new markets.

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Our method

Diagnose- Together we will diagnose your leadership development requirements within your business context. Perhaps there are parts of your organization that could work more synergistically. Perhaps you have recently expanded globally or are entering new markets.  Ultimately we diagnose with you where internal and external boundaries exist for your organization and how your leaders can lead across them.

Design – We will design a customized intervention that will develop your leaders, in line with the diagnosed objectives. This intervention will include a customized mix of Common Purpose programme elements.

Deliver – We will facilitate the delivery of a customized programme that will create lasting impact in your organization.

Assess – Together we will review the objectives from the diagnosis to assess the impact of the leadership development intervention.


We use a range of elements for each customized programme. Read more about our programme elements.

Why Common Purpose?

For 30 years our independence and global alumni network have meant that we have developed long-standing relationships with an exceptionally wide range of leaders and organizations across all sectors. This unrivalled convening power means that we can invite leaders from wider stakeholder communities into your customized programme. In the process, your leaders will gain new ideas, rare insights and first-hand experience from different leaders and organizations. Our experiential programmes are also framed by our own thought leadership, including Leading Beyond Authority (LBA) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ). This provides a framework which leaders can use to work together.

Our impact

Ulrike Otto, Head of Professionial Skills & Transition, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Lufthansa School of Business

"As the Lufthansa Group is undergoing large-scale transformation while establishing a new leadership culture, a shift in perspectives was crucial to initiate the process of behavioural change. All participants stated that the learning experience in Mumbai had a truly deep and long-lasting influence on their professional and personal lives.”

Ilka Dunne, Human Capital, Corporate and Investment Banking, Rand Merchant Bank

“Common Purpose has partnered with us on a range of programmes for the bank, including our NGO leadership network, our management board project and will shortly be supporting a portion of our manager programme. They are always open to co-creating a programme that truly fits the place, system and people and therefore are able to deliver initiatives that deliver on some of the most subtle of outcomes.”