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What will your generation's legacy be?

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It is 100 years since the foundation of the Irish state. As we look to the next quarter of a century... 2047 – how will you shape your city's future?

Dublin22 convenes a diverse group of leaders, aged 18-25, from across Dublin to address the question: "How can we make this a city for all?" Because after all, you are the generation who will shape Dublin when it reaches 2047.

Dublin22 is part of Legacy; a global campaign by Common Purpose, which invests in young people across the world so they can become a connected generation of leaders with a clear vision for what their legacy will be.

The next generation are the most important and most affected stakeholders when talking about our future. 2022 is the time to start thinking and acting long-term to make intergenerational parity the norm and to design a society, economy and community that cares for all people.

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Why take part?

Dublin22 is your opportunity to come together as a generation and think through what your generation’s legacy will be. As part of a highly diverse group of peers, you will tackle real social challenges facing Dublin and develop Cultural Intelligence in the process – the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures.

Dublin22 is intergenerational, giving you the opportunity to work with established leaders from across Dublin, who act as group advisors, speakers and immersion hosts. The established leaders benefit from seeing the world through your eyes - the next generation.

What happens on Dublin22?

Over 2.5 days, you will join a group of 100 people in prestigious locations in Dublin [including IDA Ireland and Google's Foundry], to tackle a pressing challenge your city and generation faces. This year's challenge is: How can we make Dublin a city of inclusion and purpose in 2047, a city for everyone?

You'll go out into communities, investigate issues, collaborate, hold courageous conversations and work up ideas. You'll test, refine and either implement your ideas or present them to leaders in Dublin.


When? October 26-28, 2022

Who can apply? Anyone aged 18 - 25, living in Dublin, with an interest in shaping our city over the next 25 years, making it inclusive, sustainable, innovative and welcoming.

How much does it cost? Dublin22 is free

Advisory Group

Our advisory group comprised of a diverse panel of 20 young leaders, passionate about making a difference to Dublin in the future and enthusiastic to help shape the content discussed by the wider audience during Dublin22.

Volunteer for Dublin22

We are looking for leaders from all backgrounds to contribute to Dublin22 – sharing their insight and, in the process, seeing their city or country through the eyes of the next generation. We need speakers, panellists, mentors and immersion hosts. If you want to be a contributor, sign up below.