Indo-Pacific Venture
A programme for emerging leaders from across the Indo-Pacific region

The Indo-Pacific Venture is an annual leadership programme that develops exceptional emerging leaders from government, businesses, academia and NGOs, active in the Indo-Pacific (South Asia and South East Asia) region.

The programme enables the transfer of knowledge, know-how and inspiration across generations, involving some of the most inspiring leaders in the world today. It creates a new generation of leaders who have the Cultural Intelligence to work fluidly and flexibly across the region.


2020 Dates & Locations:

Online (includes webinars & content)
Phase 1: starting April 2020

Phase 2 India face-to-face (5 days)
       Mumbai, India: 04-08 May 2020
       Bangalore, India: 22-26 June 2020

Online (includes webinars & content)
Phase 3: continuing until Aug 2020

Phase 4 ASEAN / Nigeria face-to-face (3 days)
       Manila. Philippines: 18-20 August 2020
       Lagos, Nigeria: 12-14 August 2020

Amuda Mishra, Founder and Executive Director, Ujyalo Foundation, Nepal

"The programme provided a very good insight into different perspectives of leadership across the region. The diversity of participants was one of the best things about the programme."

Why take part?

Many of the region's challenges and opportunities transcend boundaries. The ability of these leaders to meet these challenges and navigate boundaries will define the region’s future. The Indo-Pacific Venture therefore encourages participants to work in new directions and develop innovative approaches to challenges facing the region today. In the process, it equips them to operate effectively across the region and globally.

In addition, the programme will:

  • broaden leaders’ horizons and enable the transfer of knowledge, know-how and inspiration
  • enable them to develop Cultural Intelligence; the ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures
  • equip them to build long lasting relationships across the region and the globe

Who is it for?

The Indo-Pacific Venture brings together exceptional emerging leaders active in the Indo-Pacific region who are in the early to mid-stage of their careers. The participants are recognized as those who will rapidly progress to more senior roles. Each participant group includes a diverse mix drawn from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

All applications will be reviewed by the Indo-Pacific Venture Selection Group, comprising senior leaders across sectors in the region.
The participants will:

  • develop their Cultural Intelligence (CQ): the ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures
  • enhance their ability to lead beyond authority – the ability to lead in situations where they have no formal authority.
  • build diverse networks with exceptional emerging leaders from across the region

This enables the participants to make better decisions and solve complex problems with people who may think and act quite differently from themselves.

South Asia Venture Programme – Mumbai

Hear from participants on the Common Purpose South Asia Venture in Mumbai.

Roshan Samarawickrama, Programme Director, Equality-based Community Support And Training (ECSAT), Sri Lanka

"The programme improved my decision making, which has impacted my personal growth and professional abilities."

How does it work?

The programme

The programme follows a blended learning approach, with two online phases interspersed with two contact modules.

The seamless integration of contact and online learning enables participants to continue to develop their ideas, grow their Cultural Intelligence and develop their relationships before and between the face-to-face modules, even though they are dispersed across the region. The two contact modules comprise five and three intensive days of learning, respectively.

The programme uses the two host cities as classrooms. The participants visit organizations across the cities and engage in discussions with senior leaders from the public, private and NGO sectors. Over the two contact modules, the participants have the opportunity to explore both a group challenge and their own workplace challenge through the lens of two great cities. The participants are guided through a process of creativity and innovation to discover how to bring new solutions to old problems.

Applied learning

Throughout the programme we support the participants to apply the leadership concepts which have been taught.

In the first half of the programme, we do so by presenting the participants with a practical and compelling challenge facing the region today. They work together, using their leadership learning, to find solutions to the challenge. This year’s challenge is:

How can we use technological innovation to improve connectivity in the Indo-Pacific region?

In the second half of the programme, participants begin to apply their leadership learning to a challenge which they identify from within their own workplace. They are encouraged to share the learning from this as they proceed, and at the final contact module they report back on progress and learn from each other’s experiences.

How to apply

Dates and Locations

The online learning starts on 22 April 2019.

The face-to-face modules take place in two locations.

The first part will take place over five days between 27 and 31 May 2019 in Mumbai, or between 29 July and 2 August in Bangalore.

The second part will take place over three days between 27 and 29 August 2019 in Jakarta, or between 3 and 5 September 2019 in Lagos. 

If you are interested applying or want more information about the Indo-Pacific Venture, please get in touch here.



USD 5,000 (inclusive of taxes).

There are a number of part scholarships available for those who are unable to afford the full fee.

The fee includes all tuition costs (online and offline), programme materials and accommodation and travel during the face-to-face modules. Costs of travel to venue in both cities, visa and travel insurance is to be borne by participants.

South Asia Venture 2018 Report

Developing emerging leaders from across South Asia

Lakshminarayan Pai, Manager – Accounts, Bosch Ltd, India

"The programme has helped me open up and get closer to people belonging to other nations, and to mingle with them even though they are from different walks of life."