Common Purpose
Global Leader Experience
Kuala Lumpur

A study abroad experience like no other

Why Study Abroad?

Less than 5% of students in UK Higher Education are internationally mobile. (Source: International Unit, 2015)

Therefore, gaining international experience whilst developing key leadership skills for your career is an incredible opportunity to show employers how you stand out from the crowd of graduates joining the job market.

Common Purpose is partnering with universities across the UK to create a study abroad experience with a difference in Kuala Lumpur. 

Shuvo Saha, Director, Google Digital Academy

"When students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities work and learn together, it provides a huge boost to their Cultural Intelligence, preparing them to become the leaders of the future”

Why should you apply?

Travel to Kuala Lumpur to join our flagship Global Leader Experiences (GLE) and develop your ability to lead from a truly global perspective. Along with students from universities in the UK and Malaysia, you will play a part in tackling the biggest issues facing businesses, governments and societies worldwide.

Why should you take part?
  • To be a global leader now – develop your leadership skills and Cultural Intelligence (the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures)
  • To travel around the world and get under the surface of a different culture
  • To change the world and bring fresh solutions to complex problems
  • To develop networks with the breadth of relationships needed for success today
  • To build your CV and add valuable international experience that employers seek

The Challenge

GLEs focus on a Challenge – one that is complex and globally relevant. Over four days, you will collaborate in diverse groups to investigate the Challenge in the context of Kuala Lumpur.

Explore and appreciate the diversity within the group and identify the different skills and experience individuals bring to the programme. Hear from senior leaders from business, government and NGO sectors about how leaders operate in the city and explore the concept of Cultural Intelligence.

Get a macro overview of the Challenge from experts before going on visits to organisations across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to explore the Challenge first hand.

Deepen your understanding of the Challenge through further visits before distilling your knowledge into a project idea. You will be coached by mentors who are leaders in Kuala Lumpur, before testing your prototype idea on external experts and developing it further.

Take part in Masterclasses on pitching, fine tune your project ideas and then pitch to experts and city leaders. Reflect on the programme and the impact it has had, plan how to put your learning into practice, and pass the baton to other young leaders across the world.

Joanna Haywood, Student, King’s College London

"I have been on a few courses. This one will certainly stay in my memory as being the best for developing and empowering in the truest sense. Giving us all the tools to live by our convictions and to know we CAN make a difference.”

Who could you meet?

During the four days you will direct your own learning, visiting and speaking to leaders from organisations such as:

  • The British High Commission
  • Crops for the Future
  • Department of Environment
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • HOPE Worldwide
  • Invest KL
  • Prudential Malaysia
  • Siemens Malaysia

Programme information

Accommodation: Accommodation will be provided by the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, and the programme will take place at their Teaching Centre in Kuala Lumpur

Alumni: After completing the programme you will join the Common Purpose Massive Online Innovation Community (MOIC). This free, online platform allows our alumni community of over 50,000 leaders around the world to connect with each other. Here you can continue to collaborate on the Challenge with other alumni, from students to CEOs, from other cities

Register Interest: Register your interest by clicking the button and someone from your university will be in touch with more details.

Jakub Czech, Student, University of Glasgow

“This has been nothing less than ABSOLUTELY LIFE CHANGING and within four days changed my views of the problems our world is facing.”