Global Citizenship

How will you support your students to take a stand on the global issues they are passionate about?

Global Citizenship is an experiential online programme which develops the skills and competencies students need to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Cohorts of 100 – 1,000 students participate in this three week online programme together. Across nine hours of learning (three hours per week) built on our Open Source Leadership model, students engage with and learn from each other and (through video content) inspiring future and current senior leaders across the world. They participate in experiential activities and exercises, complete offline tasks and reflections and work on their own individual plans to advance their Sustainable Development Goal. At the end of the programme they can earn the Global Citizenship micro-credential, demonstrating to the world that they’ve developed the skills to tackle complex global issues and stand up as leaders. 

Global Citizenship is for universities who are committed to helping their students play an active role in advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and aspire to create the next generation of leaders.

Student, RMIT University & Participant – Global Citizenship 2020

“This programme not only spreads the message of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but it also brought together great minds from all over the world to collaborate together, and discuss these important issues. It is an amazing feat that has awakened a desire within me to do more. I hope to pursue my passion of achieving SGD2: Zero Hunger within my lifetime. Through the support of the global community, I am sure that this can be achieved!”


As a result of the programme students will be:

  • Equipped to take rapid action on their Sustainable Development Goal
  • Able to step outwards and collaborate with diverse networks
  • Ready to challenge preconceptions and better inform people’s perspectives
  • Better understand how to operate across hierarchies
  • Better prepared to live and maintain their values and integrity

On a recent programme, students gave the following average scores (on a scale of 1-6) when asked if – as a result of participating in Global Citizenship – they felt better prepared to:

  • lead change at speed in their life and the world  – 5.05
  • collaborate across diverse networks – 5.20
  • challenge their preconceptions to solve complex problems – 5.18
  • operate across hierarchies – 5.20
  • build trust and maintain integrity with others – 5.18

When asked if they can see how they will use the skills learned on this course in the future, students scored an average of 5.31 out of 6.

Student, RMIT University & Participant – Global Citizenship 2020

“This programme has been great in refocusing my commitment to my values, specifically relating to environmental management. I feel the content was thorough but the delivery was fast-paced, which I very much enjoyed. I feel that this fast-paced type of learning makes a very welcome change to perhaps more traditional ways of teaching! Thank you.”

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