Cultures Collide

Welcome to our free lecture series where leaders explore the challenges of colliding cultures.

Cultures Collide is a unique series of interactive talks, which offers the audience unparalleled insights from renowned leaders. Speakers take a deep-dive look at a time they faced the challenge of colliding cultures, and the impact this had on them as leaders.  

The extensive and diverse Common Purpose network provides Cultures Collide with distinguished hosts and compelling speakers from all sectors; providing our audience with rare access to authentic stories of leadership journeys.

Speakers take the audience on a journey through their career path; exploring how they have crossed boundaries and overcome barriers. Our speakers reflect on their points of collision and examine how they navigated through to success.  Hosts generously provide exclusive access to their thought-provoking and inspiring spaces.

Upcoming talks:

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Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Barnardo’s—audience member at October 2017 Cultures Collide

“He [Mike Brown] gave me a jolt today. Reminding me of the need to be absolutely resilient and determined. To prepare yourself for those collisions and not let them take you off your path” 

Previous talks :

Shamil Thakrar

Head ‘babu’ at Dishoom – May 2018

Shamil took us on a journey from Bombay's old Iranian cafes, bringing us up to his modern-day, UK restaurants and all the leadership challenges along the way. 

Read our key leadership challenges from Shamil here. 

Mike Brown

Commissioner Transport for London – October 2017

Mike brought the audience on a journey through the challenges of preparing London’s transport network for the 2012 Olympics and the difficult process of closing the ticket offices. Mike spoke candidly about the collisions he experienced and the lessons he learnt from these experiences. Our audience asked Mike a range of challenging questions and explored the future opportunities for TFL. 

Audience member at Mike Brown’s Cultures Collide lecture, October 2017,

“The honesty and candour was fantastic, especially around mistakes.” 

As our Cultures Collide speakers demonstrate through their talks, to succeed as a modern leader we must be agile and inclusive. Common Purpose specializes in developing leaders and giving them the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) tools to tackle complex problems.
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