Diversity & Inclusion has evolved. For a long time it rose up organizations’ agendas as a legal (or moral) obligation, but now many are beginning to see the business case too. In a world that needs new ideas, diversity is important because innovation comes from well-led discord. If teams are inclusive they are more likely to be resilient, not fragmenting under pressure. This evolution of the D&I agenda is something we call D&I 2.0.

D&I 2.0 is about building on the accomplishments of D&I so far and moving the narrative forward. It’s about understanding that diversity is multifaceted and relates to more than just race or gender, it also includes sectors, specializations, geographies, generations, backgrounds and beliefs. It’s about recognizing that inclusion is an equally important part of the equation, and that we need leaders, at all levels, who can create inclusive cultures through their actions and behaviours – leaders who can unlock the diversity dividend. 

Common Purpose works with many organizations who are at different stages of their D&I journey. We develop inclusive, culturally intelligent leaders who can cross boundaries. Our work has given us a unique insight into some of the shared challenges for organizations trying to deliver on D&I 2.0. This new series is a collection of thoughts, interviews and discussion pieces from leaders working in this space.

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