I think that adding a label to someone is lazy, it’s not insightful and it makes us complacent.

Take me as an example, someone might label me as BAME and make assumptions about my needs, background and experiences. Based on those assumptions they will project their unconscious biases onto me and presume things about me that might not be true.

BAME, for me, is an issue in itself. It’s a label that homogenizes all Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people - surely that’s too broad of a brush to make assumptions from?

I’m an Asian looking man, and as a result people often make the assumption that I will be quiet – which couldn’t be further from the truth! They also wouldn’t presume that I was born in Kenya, and when they find out, they make new assumptions, which again are often wrong!

I don’t say this to complain, I appreciate and understand that people act with genuine intentions – but by stereotyping, they often produce negative outcomes.

That’s why I think grouping people is a dangerous practice, we need to treat people as individuals, only then can we create a true sense of diversity, inclusion and belonging.