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The Usual Suspects: A story in Cross-Boundary Leadership

You’ve decided to become a leader. So who are you going to meet? Because there will be some familiar faces...

- gave up long ago

The Cynic

- sits on the sidelines

The Grown-up

- is just excited to be there

The Enthusiast

- respects everything and everyone

The Earnest

- knows how swanky she is

The You’re so
lucky to have me

- craves authority

The Mr Chairman

- loves meetings, process and paper

The Busy

- terrified of stepping on anyone else’s toes

The Worried

- always increases the difficulty of the game

The Complicator

- thinks it’s just about tidying everything up

The Simplifier

- finds it hard to make anything happen

The Lost

- paranoid about diverting from the script

The Scripted

- knows what she wants out of this and intends to get it

The Ambitious

Recognise anyone?

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