We work with organizations to fulfil their leadership development needs. Organizations benefit from more inspired leaders who are better able to lead within their companies and in the outside world.

In-house Pitstop Programmes

Pitstops are in-house client-specific leadership development interventions for teams from within an organization.

Pitstop modules are designed to address a particular organizational need, and to a specific brief from the commissioning organization. The Pitstop programme structure and methods can be adapted to fit a range of frameworks and applies across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors alike. 

The streetwise mba®

We work with many organizations who see the streetwise mba as a way of delivering current strategies in Talent, Leadership and Diversity & Inclusion. We work with you to understand your objectives and offer ways to create organizational impact.

Cohort model: Nominate a cohort of people across different departments who, together, could use their learning to promote a more inclusive culture. The streetwise mba runs multiple times a year and can support six members of the cohort in each instance. 

Bespoke workshops: After the cohort has completed the streetwise mba, we deliver a bespoke workshop in your offices for members of the cohort, their line managers, their mentors and their guides to ensure that the learning is translated back to their teams.