Common Purpose Navigator is our leadership development programme for emerging leaders which is held in Dublin.

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Navigator is a leadership programme for the rising generation of high-potential emerging leaders identified as 'people to watch' in their organizations or as leaders in their communities.

Over an intensive five days, Navigator takes participants outside their typical four walls. With the city of Dublin as the classroom, participants are taken behind the scenes and immersed in real-life challenges faced by leaders from a wide range of organisations. This experiential programme helps rising leaders to explore change and innovation, allowing them to develop better problem-solving skills and the ability to work in diverse groups.

On Navigator, participants receive insights from key leaders in the city who share their successes and failures on the themes of leadership, power, risk, vision, and change. Navigator also provides participants with a safe space to share their own leadership challenges with fellow participants.

Mark Kirwan, Domestic Adoption Unit Manager, Adoption Authority of Ireland

“It was very valuable being able to engage with people in a similar situation, or possibly, in some ways, dissimilar; seeing what on paper might seem to be a very different role than my own, but then realizing we still do have a lot in common, and are dealing with a lot of the same questions in a broader sense.”

Who is it for?

Common Purpose Navigator is aimed at people in the early stages of their career, who already have some management responsibility. Participants are people who are recognized as having real potential in their chosen field and are drawn from diverse backgrounds and sectors.

Participants are often grappling with some of the following questions:

  • What kind of leader am I?
  • Do I have the ability to lead upwards and across departments in my organisation?
  • Can I manage multiple stakeholders?
  • Can I adapt to changing circumstances and surroundings?


Why Common Purpose Navigator?

Common Purpose Navigator allows people to develop the tools and support network not just to cope but also to thrive during changing times.

It gives participants:

  • an understanding of how a range of organizations, across the sectors, deal with common issues
  • the chance to meet and engage senior decision-makers and leaders from a variety of backgrounds
  • an opportunity to spend focused time learning with peers from very different backgrounds and professions
  • an experience to gain rare insight into the value of diversity in all its forms
  • the courage to step outside the perimeters of day-to-day experience.

The programme helps you:

  • adapt and lead in different situations and contexts
  • become more open to working with different people, in new ways, to solve complex problems
  • develop a brand new network with lasting relationships
  • take responsibility for issues outside your direct control.

Marianne Lambert, Operations Executive (Ireland & UK), Grosvenor Services Group

"I found the course to be so interesting and extremely insightful. I learnt a lot about myself, and I took great solace in hearing people from different professional standings and backgrounds articulate extremely similar worries, likes, dislikes and opinions to my own."

Stories from Navigator

My experience of Dublin Navigator – Jennifer Condon, Irish Exporters Association

My experience of Navigator – Pauric Coughlan, The Marker Hotel

My experience of Dublin Navigator – Mark Kirwan, The Adoption Authority of Ireland

My experience of Dublin Navigator – Ellen O'Malley, Together Digital

Programme Format and Location


During the intensive five-day Common Purpose Navigator programme, participants cover a number of key issues through programme agendas designed to reflect such themes as:

  • Inspirational leadership
  • Effecting change
  • Managing risk
  • Vision in the workplace

Our 2018 Navigator programme will be held in Dublin. Similar courses are also run in other cities around the world.

For more information and to obtain application forms for the programme, contact the Common Purpose team.

Impact: on Individuals
Emerging Leaders 

Donut Chart

90% of emerging leaders say our programmes have helped them develop as leaders 
91% say they are better able to Lead Beyond Authority
94% say they have clarified their purpose
84% say they have grown their Cultural Intelligence

Donut Chart

90% of emerging leaders say our programmes have helped them gain broader networks
91% say they are better able to build relationships 
91% say their ability to spot connections has improved 
89% say they are better able to work in collaboration 

Donut Chart

87% of emerging leaders say our programmes have helped them make better decisions
86% say they are better able to thrive in complexity 
89% say they are better able to widen context
86% say their ability to confront bias has improved

Donut Chart

85% of emerging leaders say our programmes enable them to drive bold innovation 
80% say they are able to think the unthinkable
88% say they are better able to leverage diversity 
88% say their ability to move to action has improved 

Applying to the programme

How to apply

To receive an application form please contact the Dublin team on (01) 872 9322 or email or complete an online version using the 'Apply' button on this page.

For more information about the overall application process or for general questions, please get in touch using the online enquiries form.

What is the cost to attend Navigator?

The programme fee is €4,500.

Bursaries and financial assistance

If you cannot pay the full fee, please do not be deterred from applying. There are a number of bursary places provided on every Common Purpose programme for participants who are genuinely unable - as opposed to unwilling - to meet the full fee. If you would like to be considered for a bursary, please fill in the section of the application form for bursary candidates. For guidance or information, please contact us.

Everyone who has completed a Common Purpose programme will be offered a 20% reduction on the fee of any future courses they attend. Please notify us in your programme application if you wish to apply for this reduction.

My experience of Dublin Navigator - Chrissy Hughes, Restored Hearing

Chrissy Hughes, Community Manager at Restored Hearing, discusses her experience participating in the Common Purpose Dublin Navigator programme in May 2017.