A leadership programme for emerging leaders that uses the city as a classroom, taking them behind the scenes and immersing them in real-life challenges faced by leaders from a wide range of sectors.

What is Common Purpose Navigator?

Common Purpose Navigator gives you the leadership skill set you never expected. The course deals with real-life issues and insights, so it is neither classroom nor lecture-based. For example we will put you in a prison, take you to a hospital or get you into a production plant. We go beyond standard leadership models and learn instead from the successes and failures of leaders from all sectors. Participants are taken out of their familiar environment to examine why, when and how they lead.

Who is Common Purpose Navigator for?

Common Purpose Navigator is for people in the early stages of their career, who already have some management responsibility and are tipped to be the leaders of the future.

As with all our open courses, the participant group will be diverse in terms of background, experience, sector, outlook and approach. Participants share and challenge each other, discovering that this diversity; far from being a weakness, provides a key strength of the course.


What are the benefits of Common Purpose Navigator?

Because professional development paths so often require people to narrow down and specialize early in their careers, the risk is that this both frustrates young talent and ill prepares them for leadership. Common Purpose Navigator counterbalances this effect.

Participants thrive in the environment that helps them to combine their personal values and their professional skills. They become more aware, balanced, professional and passionate leaders.

Because everything to do with Common Purpose Navigator is diverse including its participants, experiences, contributors and case studies,  the course pulls participants out of their comfort zone to face up to their own biases.

Participants learn to adapt and thrive in difficult and unfamiliar circumstances and become more open to working with different people in new ways. This allows participants to solve complex problems whilst developing the ability to build lasting relationships. This results in enhanced collaboration among participants, making them more equipped to take responsibility for issues outside their control.

What is the programme format?

The programme spans three months. It is structured in a modular format to have local and regional elements which challenge the participants to consider leadership issues from very different perspectives, reflecting the real-life complexity of their own roles, interests and experiences.

All participants take part in three core days, where they explore the leadership themes of courage, power and resonance, and learn from each others' ideas and experiences.

In smaller, groups participants choose to take part in several types of leadership modules:

  • Raids - in small groups participants head out into "someone else's world" and find out how change happens there.
  • Forums - participants meet leaders who do things in different or unconventional way and yet succeed. In groups, they work together on leadership challenges, coaching each other.
  • Quests - participants travel to different places, spending time in another town or city learning how things look different in different places.
  • Common Purpose 360 - allows participants to link up online - locally, nationally and internationally - to share the enormous range of knowledge within the whole group.


How can I apply?

Fill in the online form to apply for Common Purpose Navigator. If you have any questions about the programme or the application process please contact your local Common Purpose office here

Common Purpose Navigator

A leadership programme for emerging leaders that uses the city as a classroom, taking them behind the scenes and immersing them in real-life challenges faced by leaders from a wide range of sectors.