Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are continuing to live in unprecedented times, in which we are seeing the true importance of – and need for – real leadership, particularly to ensure the health and safety of people, everywhere. We recognize that the pandemic is ever evolving and are committed to continuing to monitor and respond to the situation on an ongoing and regular basis.

During this time, Common Purpose are continuing to deliver programmes. As an organization, we strongly believe that in these challenging times, it is important we continue to provide opportunities for leaders to build strong, diverse networks; to develop leadership skills; and continue to lead across boundaries and to create social connections with each other. However, this needs to be facilitated in a socially responsible way.

We are delivering our programmes through digital and virtual means as our first option, however as lockdowns and restrictions begin to ease in different countries we are starting to see opportunities deliver our programmes in-person again. This is only ever considered where it becomes safe to do so and in consultation with all parties involved in programme delivery. The health and well-being of our participants, staff, partners, contributors and friends is our first priority.

We have also asked our staff to observe all local and national guidelines relating to Coronavirus – including avoidance of restricted areas of travel or travel in general, self-isolation or quarantine rules on return from travel and/or when showing symptoms of COVID-19 (however mild), and any social distancing guidelines. We are also continuing to support our staff to work from home where national policy suggests.

We hope you stay safe, and stay healthy.


Updated May 2022