Case Studies

Gary Oliver

Gary Oliver, TfL, improved staff engagement after his Common Purpose programme.

Before my Common Purpose programme, I was facing a real challenge with staff engagement. Staff survey results for my team revealed scope for improvement in staff engagement areas such as with change leadership, management and engagement with the team and wider business.

My Common Purpose programme really helped with this – it was a place I could explore some of the challenges I was facing. I was able to get insight from different types of leaders into how I could approach the feedback I had received. I realised that if I am to lead lots of different people I need to be able to change my approach depending on the circumstances.

I also gained a lot from the organisations and places we visited in London – businesses, charities and even a local prison. I had the time and the opportunity to look at things from other people’s point of view. I think my listening skills have improved a lot. And not just listening but actually understanding what people are saying.

One year on and staff engagement has improved dramatically. In the same survey I received one of the top scores in the organisation. I’m just pleased that I’m able to lead more effectively, and my team is happier and more productive as a result.

Gary Oliver, Transforming Asset Management Project - Operating Model Lead for TfL.