Case Studies

Dominic Akandwanaho, Harvard University

Harvard participant shares what he now does differently following a Common Purpose programme.

2014 alumni Dominic Akandwanaho attended one of the top schools in Uganda and is now a Neurobiology major at Harvard University with a passion to impact change in global public health. Dominic shares what he took away his experience at the Global Leader Experience in Boston.

"The Common Purpose programme helped reaffirm my interest in problem solving and innovative thinking. I loved sharing my ideas and also hearing what my peers thought about the several topics we discussed. Most times I realised that their thinking was different from mine and I believe this is the heart of innovation - a diversity of perspectives.

Since participating in this programme, I have sought out and joined social innovation and entrepreneurship groups on my campus and this has been very rewarding.

I loved meeting with leaders in the Boston community. It was fascinating to hear their perspectives about the companies and organisations they lead and also the ways they are using innovation to achieve better results. And I love that I now have a global network of leaders I can connect with."