Case Studies

Sarah Chapman, University of Derby

Sarah Chapman, participated on a Frontrunner for Disabled Students

In September 2014, Common Purpose alumnus, Sarah Chapman was awarded the Positive Role Model Award at the UK National Diversity Awards. 

Sarah, who suffers with dyslexia, left school in 2000 with no qualifications. 10 years later she re-entered education through an adult learning centre and after gaining several qualifications, was accepted into the University of Derby. Since then she has launched Young Dyslexics, a national dyslexia awareness initiative for UK schools which challenges children throughout the UK to prepare and deliver a presentation to their class/whole school about what it really means to be dyslexic.

Sarah was a participant on Frontrunner for Disabled Students at the University of Derby in 2014. In her words:

"Being offered a place on the Frontrunner programme was amazing as I developed some much needed confidence! Being able to meet and work alongside leading industry employers and other students with SpLDs and disabilities made me look at myself differently which had an amazing impact on not only my life but the lives of others through the work that I went on to do."