Case Studies

Steve's story

How Steve used inclusive leadership to work with diverse teams and stakeholders

Steve Morley, Business Development Director, Mitie Care & Custody

As an emerging leader that delivers public services to a diverse range of stakeholders, Steve Morley was searching for new tools and working practices that would enable him to refine his leadership style. He participated in the streetwise mba, a programme for leaders who want to be more inclusive: to lead diverse teams, serve diverse customers and work with diverse stakeholders.

“Since I attended the Common Purpose programme, I have been able to consistently reflect upon and challenge my core values, and have been more open, flexible and effective in delivering projects involving people from different backgrounds and cultures.

“The streetwise mba provided me with a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with participants from hugely varied backgrounds and cultures, and meet established leaders with a wealth of experience, to broaden my understanding and reflect upon my own Cultural Intelligence.

“Having the space to properly reflect, outside of the hustle and bustle of the normal work environment, whilst exposing myself to new outlooks and environments, proved to be invaluable.”