Case Studies

MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy

Developing leadership for MAVA partners to take the nature conservation movement forward

In 2018, MAVA, Fondation Pour la Nature, commissioned Common Purpose, in partnership with Mowgli Mentoring, to launch the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy. The four year partnership aims to develop leaders who can take the nature conservation movement forward and train the next generation of leaders.

“Effective leadership in the conservation sector is essential if we are to protect biodiversity for the benefit of people and nature. This investment in our partners will build capacity and capability, both for the individuals who take part and for their organizations. We have chosen to work with Common Purpose and Mowgli Mentoring as leaders in their respective fields.”
Andre Hoffmann, MAVA, Fondation Pour la Nature

The Academy is intergenerational, bringing together young and senior leaders from the Foundation’s partner organizations through an experiential leadership programme, which includes 360 degree feedback, mentoring and executive coaching. The Academy is designed to help participants translate their learning back into their organizations and beyond.

“The Academy has definitely impacted me in the most profound and positive way. It has changed the way I think and how I perceive things in my work environment, as well as in my life in general. It brought out a new me that I knew existed, but I needed that push and guidance to make me feel more confident. My leadership skills have improved and I can assess and handle situations better by taking important decisions within my work environment and in my personal life.”
Konstantinos Perikleous, Terra Cypria

“Two of the employees that work in my organization have independently told me that lately they have noticed changes in the way I manage the organization and build relationships with colleagues. They say, “You have started to listen more since July” and “You give much more creative space to others.” I attribute these perceived changes to the impact that the Academy has had on me and my leadership practice.”
Aleksandër Trajçe, PPNEA