Case Studies

Hilton Ingram

Head of Marketing: Precious Metals, Anglo American, UK, CSCLeaders 2017

CSCLeaders broadened my horizons massively as I learn a lot from unexpected sources.

We went into a primary school and I was looking for energy solutions to address the challenge we were looking at. The last thing I went into the school looking for was leadership lessons from a headmistress. What I got was probably the best hours’ worth of leadership conversation I’ve ever had. Similarly, we met someone from an NGO who is leading change in communities—having to engage and work with multiple stakeholders; local government, corporates and members of the community, and doing it brilliantly. Being exposed to that made me realize that previously I have been more focused on the solution than the stakeholders. I am now more patient with stakeholders and see it more as a journey that we are on together.