Case Studies

MTU Motor Türbin A.Ş. (Rolls–Royce Power Systems)

Building a culture of collaboration for their leaders

In Turkey, Common Purpose has been working with MTU Motor Türbin A.Ş. (Rolls–Royce Power Systems) in helping their senior management to broaden their horizons, promote collaborations across teams and increase social responsibility awareness.

Since 2017, the company has been sending its senior leaders on the Meridyen programme to equip them with the skills, networks and understanding to make an impact in their organization and across their city.


This exposure helps our senior management broaden their horizons


As a result of the positive feedback from their senior management, MTU Motor Türbin A.Ş. decided to partner with Common Purpose to run a customized programme for the wider organization.


“The main value from the programme is that it gives our senior leaders an opportunity to experience leadership, not as a given authority, but as a self-driven action. In addition, the employees gain situational leadership capabilities to handle and manage complex challenges through the programme. This exposure helps our senior management broaden their horizons and widen their way of thinking.”


Individual Impact

These are the behaviour changes that top management has noticed from the senior staff that attended the Common Purpose programme:

1. Increased cooperation between different leaders and colleagues from across departments
2. Awareness of their social and environmental capabilities
3. Willingness to understand different opinions and viewpoints
4. Exploration of career paths as well as other aspects of their lives


“I had the chance to meet people from different groups during this programme. I have seen how we are "one" for the same purpose as these people from different backgrounds. I've seen how our differences enrich our society. I managed to break down my prejudices against some groups.” 
N TUBA DURMAZ, Finance Director


I managed to break down my prejudices 


Organizational impact

Working with MTU Motor Türbin A.Ş.’s senior management, Common Purpose delivered a customized programme designed to help teams collaborate better and work more efficiently. The programme allowed participants to better understand each other through giving and receiving honest feedback and applying Cultural Intelligence in their interactions.


This is the positive impact on the organization:

1. Created a more collaborative working environment by achieving synergy between the individual managers and bringing out the potential of managing leaders
2. The feedback session within the programme resulted in more open communication within the management team
3. Social responsibility awareness has increased
4. Differences in perspectives and opinions is a clear advantage to bring out energy for reaching their corporate goals


“Common Purpose has the capability to connect diverse leaders and to make them accept and respect differences in people, views and ideas. This leads them to be resilient and successful in a complex business environment. The programme has a positive impact on the way they do their jobs and lead their teams.”