Case Studies


Promoting inclusion through the COVID-19 pandemic

Being Head of Research at Business and Arts South Africa NPC (BASA) means I am not only responsible for the research portfolio, which is central to our strategy and operations, but I am also part of the senior team involved in organizational management and strategy.

BASA champions business investment in the creative sector by leading research that enhances commercial confidence, builds creative sector capacity through our programmes, and shifts paradigms for the future of partnerships between diverse stakeholders. We believe in the power of deep collaboration between the right partners, and the transformational value of the arts to effect meaningful social change.

Challenges in the creative sector during COVID

COVID-19 is taking a severe toll on the world, and the resultant widespread cancellation of festivals, music concerts, exhibitions, productions and other events is devastating to the individuals and families relying on creative sector work for their livelihoods and wellbeing.

BASA responded by conducting surveys with beneficiaries to explore how the pandemic has affected them and how best we could assist them. To continue serving them, while keeping health and safety on top of mind, we have:

  1. Re-thought rollout plans, allowing gradual and responsive implementation of our programmes, incorporating digital interaction as far as possible.
  2. As a free resource guiding the creative and private sectors with regards to mapping a way forward in the wake of COVID-19 cancellations and closures, we developed an abbreviated version of our eighth ArtsTrack research report, giving insight into arts sponsorship and consumer engagement.
  3. To disburse money to artists more efficiently, we are facilitating grant payments on behalf of the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC) Relief Fund.


Promoting inclusion during the pandemic

Aside from adapting to an uncertain and anxiety-inducing environment brought about by COVID-19 and leading a team through this, one of the biggest challenges we at BASA have been facing in response to this pandemic, is inclusion – from an accessibility perspective when it comes to engaging our diverse stakeholders and equipping our team for remote working, as well as from an eligibility perspective when it comes to disbursing relief funds to those in dire financial positions, while remaining compliant as an NPC largely reliant on public funding.

Many essential leadership learnings and skills from the Common Purpose programme are helping us navigate these challenges and better serve our constituents. Adaptability, self-awareness and the innovation/design thinking process encouraged us to take time to listen, learn and understand the challenges, before proposing ways forward and testing ideas, remaining open to feedback, allowing flexibility to adjust plans and ways of thinking/working, learning quickly from mistakes, and growing as individuals and as a team.