Case Studies

David Lobo

David Lobo, a graduate of Common Purpose, helped to connect two projects after his programme which in turn has generated employment and skill building opportunities for prisoners

David Lobo, Director at Deejay Hatcheries, has put his words into action when he played an instrumental part in the creation of a pioneering initiative between Himalaya Herbal Healthcare and Karntaka's Department of Prison Rehabilitation.

David visited the Central Prison in Bangalore on his Common Purpose programme which inspired him to develop the project. The project will see prison inmates cultivating medicinal herbs for Himalaya on a buy-back basis. In turn, this will enable skill-building and employment generation targeting prisoners with minor offences, who have shown good behaviour and a desire to rebuild their lives.

"If it hadn't have been for Common Purpose, I would never have visited Central Prison and developed this project and the private sector - government collaboration which it involves" said David. "We hope that in turn, Common Purpose participants will have the opportunity to visit the project and it will inspire others to develop pioneering projects of their own."

Recently, after a conversation with Mr. Rajan Hinduja of Gokuldas Exports (one of the largest garment manufacturers in the country), David has also set up a tailoring training centre in the Central Jail, in which female convicts will be taught tailoring skills - this is in the final stages of completion. The next stage is for a garment factory to be set up in the jail, in which permanent employment will be created and skills honed. Garments made in the factory will be marketed by the Garment Manufacturers Association of India. Furthermore a commitment to employ several thousand trained ex-convicts has also been made by the same Association.