Case Studies

Open programmes

Our open programmes include a diverse group of participants with a wide variety of different backgrounds and hugely varied experiences. The difference that exists within these groups is key to unlocking the power of CQ.

streetwise mba

For emerging leaders, Streetwise mba runs in a number of cities around the world. The best place to develop CQ is in these great cities at the points where cultures collide. The streetwise mba takes participants to learn from the leaders operating at these points of collision, who, through their leadership, prevent crashes and create sparks of energy and creativity.


For emerging leaders in Africa and Indo-Pacific.

Ventures are annual two-part programmes where participants work together to address pressing issues relevant to their region. During the programme they will gain knowledge and know-how from inspiring senior leaders and form broad networks that allow them to work fluidly across the region.


ASEAN Leaders Programme

An annual programme that brings together senior leaders to build strong connections, share knowledge and address challenges and opportunities relevant to the ASEAN.



An annual programme which assembles exceptional senior leaders selected from government, businesses and NGOs across the 53 countries of the Commonwealth. CSC Leaders blends online learning with face-to-face experiences in two Commonwealth cities.