Case Studies


We can weave CQ into an organization’s programmes at every level.

Bespoke programmes

We develop innovative ways to best meet your L&D needs and add value to your organization. These can range from a single half day to a series of programmes over time and designed with you to deliver against your specific goals. Our team can run unique programmes in over 100 cities worldwide ranging from one participant to many thousands and using both online and real world face-to-face elements.


24 hours more

Easily incorporated to an existing meeting or away day. We take participants out into the city and behind the scenes, this can be across a range of host organizations or a deep dive into one. We meet its leaders, take part in its activities and focus on the specific issues they face.


Individual Immersions

Designed for senior leaders to help them better understand a city and its culture in order to gain new perspectives. The immersions allow them to see the inner workings of the city and how individuals and organizations operate in a different context to their own.


Masterclass with Julia Middleton

Julia Middleton is the founder and Chief Executive of Common Purpose Charitable Trust. Following a half day briefing and through one or more sessions of shared exploration participants can tackle scenarios or issues pertinent to their organization in depth.