Case Studies

Charles Asiedu

Managing Director, Ecobank, Malawi, CSCLeaders 2016

Prior to CSCLeaders 2016, Charles Asiedu, Managing Director at Ecobank, Malawi was searching for ways to create a bigger impact – not only in his organization, but in society. That year, his home country Malawi had faced a severe hunger crises following adverse weather conditions which affected negatively the production of maize, the main stable food of the country. That meant having to import cereals at prohibitive costs in order to feed the population.

During his time on the programme, Charles, who was a quick thinker and used to acting immediately, saw the need to slow down and assess a problem to find an effective solution. He decided to take on the hunger issue using the things he learned about collaboration at CSCLeaders.

As Charles says, “I engaged the government agency responsible for the food procurement and suggested a collaborative approach involving the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, the agency and Ecobank to resolve the food crisis. We brought the partners together and, after sharing what role we each thought we could play, together we designed a solution. Now we are mobilising $50million

to support the importation of maize to help feed 8 million Malawians. Prior to CSCLeaders I wouldn’t have thought more broadly about bringing in other partners together to handle the crisis.”

“Collaboration – I thought I knew it and practiced it but now I understand the real meaning and potential impact on society.”