Case Studies

Sarbani Mallick

"It was a great exposure to widen my horizons and listen to various organizations working with different causes."

Name: Sarbani Mallick

Position: Founder Director/Managing Trustee

Company: Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust

Industry: Social development

Programme and year attended: Meridian, 2015

Hometown (City, Country): Bangalore, India

  1. What are you most passionate about?
    I have been working with special education and the empowerment of children with intellectual disabilities for the past 18 years. My passion resides in igniting each latent energy to make every child with autism and other intellectual disabilities a socially-valued individual.

  2. What was your most unforgettable experience from the programme? 
    My visit to Karunashraya, Bangalore, was one of the unforgettable events. The organization is an abode for cancer patients nearing their last days. Initially, I was shaken by the thought of meeting individuals who are in the last phase of their lives but the visit was indeed enriching. The service from each and every employee, mainly the nurses, was heartwarming and they have a focused goal to make each day special for every individual. I learnt the spirit of positive energy which resides strongly, starting from the architecture to the people serving the inmates. There is so much goodness all around and so much to learn.  

  3. How would you sum up your experience on the Meridian programme?
    It was a great exposure to widen my horizons and listen to various organizations working with different causes. The exercises initiated during the programme gave me an opportunity to understand the various aspects of an organization. Though each organization was running for different causes, everyone could relate and share since there were common issues and purpose. Hence, the exercises gave us a perspective to share and grow together. I learned about leadership variations, strategy, and focus of the teams to bring about impactful social change. It was a productive programme which taught me that each organization faces struggles, builds unique strategies to reach their goals and touch many more lives.