Case Studies

Mike Zeidler

"People with divergent views can come together when well facilitated."

Name: Mike Zeidler

Position: Co-founder & Co-chair

Company: Happy City Initiative

Industry: Economic

Programme and year attended: 1997, Meridian

Hometown (City, Country): Bristol, UK

My Aha moment, Mike Zeidler

"We played a 'city game' at Police HQ in Portishead – divided into teams representing public, private and voluntary sector who had to negotiate (I think) as events unfolded. Every now and again, the game would pause as we broadcast to the room, and we had a lot of fun being a little erratic – sometimes neutral and sometimes adding our own positive or negative spin. Mostly we made the room laugh. I've very fond memories of that time and still bump into fellow grads."

  1. What/who inspires you?
    People building businesses that enrich society and the environment 

  2. What was your biggest learning from the programme?
    People with divergent views can come together when well facilitated.

  3. Why did you choose to attend a Common Purpose programme?
    My role at the time was to broker practical public/private/voluntary partnerships that served the future prosperity of Bristol as a whole – my employer (the Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative) put me on the course as part of my workplace/leadership development.