Case Studies

Imad Ali El Manasri

"Today, while working as a coordinator for a course – 'Know About Business' – in Siblin Training Center, UNRWA, Lebanon, I wanted my students to join me in your 30th anniversary. All my students are Palestinian refugees."

Name: Imad Ali El Manasri

Position: Senior Technical Instructor – Commercial Section, Siblin Training Centre

Company: UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency)

Industry: Education

Programme and year attended: United Diaspora, 2019

Hometown (City, Country): Saida, Lebanon

  1. What are you most passionate about?
    I am really passionate about youth, especially Palestinian youth. It is important to add value to this branch of our community, the Palestinian refugees – courses like leadership and Cultural Intelligence are great courses for me in order to provide the required support for this branch to reach their maximum potential, as a Head of Department at a college and in direct contact with these youth. This support is influential in a country like Lebanon and all the harsh circumstances in which its people are living.

  2. What was your biggest learning from the programme?
    Common Purpose has sharpened my skills in leadership and communication and exposed me to the experiences of other diaspora leaders through the programme in 2019. Such conferences and lectures widen our horizons and gave us the opportunity to be able to lead across boundaries; and especially to lead people with diverse perspectives from different backgrounds, beliefs, generations, geographies, specializations and sectors in order to influence and inspire them to achieve their goals in a mutually beneficial way. It also helped me develop my Cultural Intelligence.

  3. How has your life changed after Common Purpose?
    After joining the Common Purpose programme I became more future-focused and now have the capacity to engage others to realize their goals, become more open-minded, appreciate differences, and respect divergent opinions.