Case Studies

Aniket Gamre

"The key learning was to know the importance of working with people coming from diverse backgrounds."

Name: Aniket Gamre

Position: Business Intelligence Specialist

Company: Webjet Limited

Industry: Information Technology

Programme and year attended: Common Purpose Global Leader Experiences held at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2017)

Hometown (City, Country): Mumbai, India

My AHA moment, Aniket Gamre

"Working along with wonderful people towards a common goal and creating an impact towards society. "

  1. What are you most passionate about?
    Computers have always been my passion, starting from playing games to learning web designing, followed by pursuing tertiary education in Information Technology. I am inspired about creating a positive impact by making the best use of technology. 

    In addition, my volunteering work as a Professional Industry Mentor is something that I love doing, which involves supporting students from all disciplines to boost their career prospects and develop strategies for professional network. 

    Also, recently, I have developed an interest in reading books, which I believe is the best way to indulge in curiosity. 

  2. How has your life changed after Common Purpose?
    After completing the Common Purpose 'Global Leadership' programme, I was able to have an entrepreneurial mindset, thinking about the most common issues and how they could be mitigated. The key learning was to know the importance of working with people coming from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, it helped to gain key skills such as design thinking, leadership, and problem-solving.

  3. Who did you meet on or through the programme that had a significant impact on you?
    Arron Wood, Deputy Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne, and Penny Rush, Program Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at PwC Melbourne.