Case Studies

Grace Owen

Common Purpose helped my project for Diaspora children become a reality

My Common Purpose programme placed me in a group of 29 intergenerational African Diaspora leaders. Our lives and experiences were diverse but as Diaspora, we all shared a passion for Africa. Together we created a learning space that was interactive, challenging and entertaining! I learned lots about Africa during the 6 days we spent together and it was in that unique learning environment that I developed an idea for a new community project – African Diaspora Kids. Without the support of the leadership network I wouldn’t have nurtured the idea into reality.

African Diaspora Kids connects children to the beautiful continent of Africa. Based in London, UK, we believe that every African Diaspora Kid has the potential to make a positive contribution to Africa and the Diaspora. Our mission is to work with families and children, aged 5-11, with educators, supporters and partners to develop the next generation of African Diaspora leaders by 2040. Our vision is that in 25 years’ time these children will have created a better life for themselves and their families. They will be active citizens, innovators and philanthropists who occupy significant positions of leadership throughout British society and across the world.

My Common Purpose programme gave me time and space to form ideas, receive meaningful feedback about them, then test the idea, receive more feedback, adapt the idea, pilot a concept and receive more feedback before finalising the concept and then launching it. This rigorous approach meant I was confident to promote African Diaspora Kids and today I remain convinced of the positive difference it can make to the African Diaspora and the continent.