A Future Leader Experience is a three day leadership programme designed to take you under the surface of your area to develop the inspiration, skills and connections which will help you to succeed in your career. You might have heard about the programme through your university and may be wondering why you should sign up.

Here are some of the reasons why you should sign up for Future Leader Experience:

  1. Meeting and building relationships with students that you wouldn’t usually meet

    Over the three days, you will get to know other students on the programme. You will have the opportunity to have conversations and work in groups, which will develop your networks at university. Many students find this useful and continue to stay in touch with each other after the programme has finished.

    "Thank you so much for such an excellent programme, I have learned so much and it has been inspiring learning from experienced leaders as well as from my peers on the programme. Highly recommend!"
    Frances McLoughlin, Student, Sheffield Hallam University

  2. Meeting leaders from a range of organizations across the area
    As well as networking with other students, you will have the opportunity to hear from and speak with different leaders from a range of organizations – representing the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. You will hear from them about their experiences, have the chance to ask questions, and learn from them. We have even known students who have applied for a job at an organization after hearing about them on the programme! It is a great opportunity to build your networks and gain an understanding of different organizations. 

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and gained a great understanding of leadership and the skills/knowledge required to be a great leader. The speakers who attended the sessions were excellent and the visits were really interesting. Thank you for an incredible three days!”
    Collette Anderson, Student, University of Glasgow

  3. Going out of the classroom and into the city
    Some leaders will come in to the venue to speak with you, and some you will meet when you visit their organization. You will have the opportunity to go into someone’s workplace to find out more about it, but you will also tackle a real-life challenge they are currently facing. This will help you develop key leadership skills, which brings us to the next bullet point…

    "This programme has been really invaluable in developing my confidence meeting new people. We’ve packed so much into the three days and overall I have enjoyed it so much more than I had expected, and would recommend it to anyone hoping to develop similar skills. It’s a really great opportunity to test your own leadership in a very educational and supportive environment."
    Lorna Williams, Student, Lancaster University

  4. Tackling a real life challenge that an organization is currently facing 
    One of the most exciting parts of the programme is that you have the chance to make real change! You will go into an organization with a group of other students to come up with ideas and solutions to a current challenge that they are facing. Doing this, you will develop your team work skills as well as your ability to be flexible and work quickly. You will work as a group to develop your ideas and you will then share them with someone from the organization. This is a great opportunity to make real change in the area and we often hear from the organizations on how they have implemented the ideas you came up with.

    “During the programme, I have been able to strengthen my skills in communicating by working with a diverse group of people but also challenge experts in varies industries/sectors. Thus, I believe this has equipped me to make decisions and work alongside people to come up with tough decisions.”
    Fatuma Mohamud, Student, University of Exeter

  5. Developing your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) through working with a range of different people

    We believe that the next generation of leaders needs Cultural Intelligence (CQ) – the ability to cross boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures. Throughout the programme, you will develop your CQ, which will help you thrive in the world today.

    “Due to the variety of people with different backgrounds and perspectives that I have been able to interact with in the programme, I have broadened not only my knowledge, but also the ability to adapt myself to best fit different situations and make the most of my interactions.”
    Riya Pramod Bisht, Student, University of Glasgow

  6. Taking the time to reflect and focus on your own leadership development 

    Throughout the three days there will be lots of opportunities for you to reflect on your own skillset and think about the areas you wish to develop. We understand how study and work can take up so much time, and we recognize the importance of reflecting on your goals and thinking about which areas you want to develop. The three days are filled with a range of different sessions to give you the skills you need to succeed.

    "I feel like this course has really opened my eyes in a number of aspects; but specifically it got me thinking more about my future and what I want to achieve and ways to go about achieving that."
    John Mckeating, Student, Sheffield Hallam University

  7. Developing practical skills that you can use at university and throughout your career

    As there will be a range of different sessions, you will have opportunities to develop the key skills needed to succeed as a leader. You will learn from the leaders that you engage with, but you will also learn from the other participants. There will be opportunities throughout for you to push yourself out of your comfort zone with the support of the group around you, and you will be able to take these skills forward with whatever you do next.

    “It has allowed me to build upon networking skills, confidence, team work etc. As a result, a wide range has been learnt which can be utilized for my CV, interviews and future experiences. I would definitely recommend the programme to all.”
    Simran Chana, Student, City University

  8. Developing your confidence

    All of this brings us to our final point – at the end of the three days, you will have improved your confidence! Through presenting ideas, discussing topics with other students, engaging with leaders and taking part in a series of sessions, at the end of the three days you will feel more confident in your own abilities. 

    “I've really seen the value of creating a safe, non-judgmental space, because I've done so many things that I wouldn't have even considered before this week. The supportive atmosphere of the programme really surprised me but was appreciated. The main thing I have taken from the programme is the confidence to try new things and talk to people.”
    Dylan Evans, Student, University of Manchester