Humility. Generosity. Forgiveness. Perhaps not the first adjectives that come to mind when one thinks of leadership, but these are important – nay, vital – characteristics of an effective leader. 

Attending the America Express Leadership Academy showed me that putting others first, acknowledging our own faults, and sharing credit where credit is due work wonders in generating motivation and building loyalty and, subsequently, increasing productivity.

Likewise, meeting leaders at the Academy who exemplify these traits and hearing their stories of success, as well as their stories of failure, inspired me to pursue a new level of leadership in my own role. Their guidance proved especially pertinent shortly after the Academy while I supported a team member in re-configuring certain aspects of their department. I delighted in encouraging this individual as they discovered their strengths as a manager and proficiently brought change; they, too, expressed their gratitude for the chance to develop new skills and to learn how to invest more deeply in their own team.

The lessons shared in the America Express Leadership Academy are truly valuable, and I am grateful to the America Express team for sharing them with us. I highly recommend the Academy to anyone in or considering a leadership position.