Earlier in May, we delivered our first ever RMIT Global Leadership Forum Worldwide online!

The forum was originally planned as a face-to-face event, like the first four leadership forums. However, we are no longer living in ordinary times. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of global education. While this has brought about significant challenges for delivering our programmes in-person, this also provided a fantastic opportunity to pivot to a digital space.



The success of the Global Leadership Forum Worldwide is yet another example of the strength of the partnership between RMIT and Common Purpose. Together we were able to innovate and adapt at speed, with the agility to deliver this a global learning experience to students by leveraging this new medium.

The program offered a truly global platform, bringing together over 600 students from multiple RMIT campuses across Melbourne, Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong. The students explored how they can stand up as leaders and create the impact they aspire to, both in their cities and beyond.

“I can't help but think that this is almost better than a TED Talk. We can ask questions and get answered at the comfort of our home. Really appreciate this opportunity!”
Student, RMIT University

We challenged the students:

“How will you change the world? With all the complex challenges that we in the 21st Century face, how will you discover where and how to make your mark?”

95% of students they have a better understanding of how leaders tackle key challenges as a result of the programme
of students said that the programme was a good value for their time

We had the pleasure of hearing from truly inspirational leaders on topics including building your own leadership, mental health and wellbeing, the future of work, creativity, sustainability and the environment, innovation, and social impact. The speakers represented global brands from organizations such as Facebook, UNDP, Deloitte, Swire, BP and CareerTrackers.

“Wow. Super glad at the outcome. I wanted to tell a truthful story and it resonated. My intention is to give back to next gen creatives as much as I can.”
Speaker, Facebook UK

Through our range of masterclasses, students got to grips with challenges faced by leaders around the world on a range of issues and themes—including mental health and well-being, racial equality, the future world of work, being a creative in the tech world, sustainability and social innovation for impact.

“All leaders emphasized the "superpower" of being authentic, taking care of and understanding yourself and being able to step up for others that are counting on you. All spoke about having the confidence within yourself to use your own voice to inspire and support others and a message.”
Student, RMIT University
“I really enjoyed all of the 4 sessions but the one that stood out to me the most is from BP. The speaker gave me great insights on shaping myself to be a better student .Overall, really satisfied with the speakers and looking forward to future events!”
Student, RMIT University
“I felt I had a realistic understanding of sustainability and I was exposed to how corporations operate so if I go for a job I don't feel so blind. The fact that we could
contact the speaker via email made me feel really connected.”

Student, RMIT University

Finally, our closing keynote speaker Astronaut Pamela Melroy shared her personal journey of being in isolation during her time in space, drawing on her experiences of stepping up and overcoming adversity as a leader and inspiring students to do the same.

Pamela drew on her experiences of stepping up and overcoming adversity, bringing home the challenge for us all - how will we stand up, cross boundaries and be the leaders we aspire to be?