For me, my time at Common Purpose Global Leaders Experience Lagos remains fulfilling and treasured. Prior to my time at GLE, I had always been passionate about being a part of a better society and was delighted when I got to know the theme for the GLE was “Increasing Civic Engagement In Your City (Lagos)”.

The structure of the GLE Programme was engaging with mind blowing interactive sessions, group discussions and IMPROMPTU creative exercises.  Of all the conventions, I personally enjoyed applying “Keep an Open Mind” while listening to people and also during my immersion visit to Copyright Society Of Nigeria (COSON) when I discovered they were a Music (Collective Management) Organization. The convention paid off and I learnt much more than I bargained for as the manager set our group a task using COSON as our case study based on city engagement.

My biggest take away was actually the synergy of teamwork. My amazing teammates and I came up with extraordinary innovations in less than twenty-four hours. An action point to a personal weakness is the need to take necessary steps as soon as I have what I need to achieve my goal and to stop waiting for perfect conditions before taking action… and of course, to keep refining along the way.