Common Purpose alumni will have an opportunity to collaborate on the theme of Cyber Resilience on the Massive Online Innovation Community (MOIC).

Launching today, in partnership with the London First Security and Resilience Network, the new challenge asks “How can we ensure cyber-resilience in an increasingly connected world?” Using our InnoVenture technique alumni will work together on the MOIC over two months on ideas that will influence the way we prevent, react, recover and adapt to cyber dangers in collaboration with stakeholders. 

Successful finalists will receive free places to the Global Resilience Summit in London on 15 October 2015 where the winner will be presented with an award by KPMG.

The Cyber Resilience Challenge

A third of the world’s population is online and this figure is increasing daily. What is more, the internet enables a myriad of devices to connect, with almost 50 billion devices due to be linked through the Internet of Things by 2020.

There are many benefits to interconnectivity; it can lead to innovation, efficiency and simplify responses to emergencies.

Yet connectivity and complexity introduce risks through system failure and malicious attacks; digital attacks claim millions of victims every day and are estimated to cost $445 billion in losses every year. As critical as the internet is to us, it also makes us vulnerable.

How can we ensure individuals, businesses and nations reduce this vulnerability by becoming resilient in an increasingly digital world? And how much are we trading privacy and security for convenience?

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