I am ever more passionate about the Magnet Cities.

Common Purpose has coined the phrase 'Magnet City' as part of our work with university students across the world - or more specifically - across the Magnet Cities of the world.

We define a Magnet City as one where over 100 nationalities will convene to study.

The number of students who travel to study is set to double and we believe that this provides an amazing opportunity to get some of the most talented young people in the world to learn from each other - as they study and form relationships which will help to bind the world in the future.

This is a fantastic amazing opportunity for them to learn Cultural Intelligence (and unlearn Cultural Intolerance) and not simply become engineers, mathematicians or historians in their university years.

That is why we are identifying university partners in each of the Magnet Cities with whom we are running Global Leader Experiences.

Magnet cities won't just draw in foreign students - they will continue to attract young global talent as their careers progress. They will be drawn by the strength of the cities' economy, its safety, its political calm, its arts and its sport. They will be drawn by all these factors but also by the Cultural Intelligence within the Magnet Cities.

Do you live in a magnet city? Do you believe, like me, they are the key to unlocking the potential of young leaders?

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