I was being overwhelmed almost on a daily basis as a result of the multitasking in at my office being a Distribution Manager and Supervisor. Added to this challenge was the fact that I was always saying yes to assisting others thereby excising excessive compliances. 

Helping others either with their tasks or difficulties comes naturally that oftentimes it is done at the expense of my own tasks. Important deadlines would be missed. I was denied personal/ family time when it is not yet time to be an empty nester.

Having done my pre course assignment, which was yet another challenge I must say, looked forward to becoming a better leader and to learn how I could work on my weaker areas. Some of the grey areas I never knew until the 360 Report was released.

When I came to Common Purpose, I was taken through eye-opening sessions which were interactive. Not only were these sessions motivational but also a challenge to improve oneself.

During the coaching session, my Executive coach suggested a number of practical approaches that would help in cabbing the always ‘yes syndrome’. These include simple things like maintaining a To Do List, Outlook Calendar and sticking to it, then blocking off times in order to concentrate on my top tasks.

The other thing that happened on the programme was that when I am given a few minutes of a leader’s time I must state or sell my idea clearly. Implementing projects solely by you calls for frustration and failure. I learnt that I need the support of my line manager for every project. Getting more support for any vision requires consistent sharing and desire to be heard.

Winding up the programme saw me sharing an idea termed ‘Safe and Fun place for children”. Having learnt the importance of co-creation, a colleague I met on the programme, Nokia Cheung bought into the idea and is forwarding the proposal to a potential donor. My line manager and team have agreed to the idea of a play room to cab the safety hazard for kids that come onsite. Top management has said yes to the project.

May I end by stating that Common Purpose has encouraged me to lead confidently even amidst those that are qualified than I am. What privilege to have interacted with different brains that were willing to share their experiences.