Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures.

And across different cultures, CQ is important to different people for different reasons.

That is why we are leading the conversation on CQ with social media.

Do you need Cultural Intelligence because of your job or where you live? Your age, gender or religion? Do you regularly have to cross boundaries? Tell us why you need CQ with the hastag #IneedCQ

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Here are some of our favourites so far...

#IneedCQ to lead the way in this world of ever-dissolving boundaries


#IneedCQ because I develop leaders from all over the world


#IneedCQ because it is important to me to connect with people


#IneedCQ because I live in a global village


#IneedCQ because it will help all cultures in a society to fully integrate with each other


#IneedCQ because I need to make the most of my IQ