Recently I had the opportunity to visit #India for work, first #Mumbai and then #Bangalore. When I first arrived the smells, colours and sounds hit me like a wave, it was a world of new experiences. 

For breakfast rather than cereal I got Dosa’s, pancakes made from rice flour and ground pulses Paratha’s, a flat thick piece of bread fried on a griddle and Idli’s, a savoury cake, each served with various chutney’s, potatoes, masala’s and veg. I swapped my dark colours only clothes pallet for oranges and pinks, jeans for a Salwar Kameez. I thought London was noisy and busy and realised that I have it easy! The laws of the road are very very different in India – horn use mandatory at all times.

At first it was a shock to the system but I fell in love with the food immediately and everything else followed, I even got used to the noise - just about! It was a beautiful difference.