Our weddings normally take place over two days. The Friday night is all about the families getting to know each other. We sing traditional songs from the bride and groom’s respective region. We also do something called prostrating. This is where the groom lies face down on the floor in front of the bride’s family. The other family speaks about you or prays for you. It’s a sign of respect. On the Saturday, there is a church wedding with a choir, then a party where we dance to traditional songs and international music too.

Weddings can get very big in Lagos – anywhere from 100 people to 1,000 people: cousins and old friends you haven’t spoken to in years, sometimes family members you’ve never spoken to. I think there can definitely also be an element of competition. It’s not uncommon to go to weddings with big Nigerian artists performing. I’m engaged to my fiancé, but we haven’t set a date yet. I need to save some money first.