Students in Canada have the chance to improve key leadership skills and develop their Cultural Intelligence in Montreal next month. Between 18 - 21 November, Common Purpose is running a Global Leader Experience- a free leadership development programme - which has so far successfully run in major global cities such as Dubai, Boston, London, Mumbai and Singapore.

The Global Leader Experience will assemble 100 students from at least 25 countries and will therefore give participants the chance to learn from each other, and build the cross-cultural relationships necessary to become a global leader in the future. In doing so, they will also begin to develop their Cultural Intelligence - the ability to cross divides and thrive in multiple cultures.

Julia Middleton, Common Purpose Founder and CEO, and Author of Cultural Intelligence: CQ: The Competitive Edge for Leaders Crossing Borders says: "The number of students who travel to study is set grow to 8 million by 2020 (UNESCO) and we believe that this provides an amazing opportunity to get some of the most talented young people in the world to learn from each other - as they study and form relationships which will help to bind the world in the future."

Based in Concordia's downtown campus and venturing into the city of Montreal, the 100 students from Canadian universities will explore the challenge; "What makes a city smart?" They will visit an array of organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors in order to discover what works - and what doesn't work. This will also be a great chance to meet leaders from top employers in Montreal. Working together in groups, students will then use their learning to develop innovative social and technological projects which they eventually pitch to a panel of experts. By developing solutions to challenges with participants from different cultures, the students are better able to adapt and thrive in diverse situations in the future.

Dominic Akandwanaho, a student of Harvard College, who attended the programme in Boston, described the impact he felt on having participated in a Global Leader Experience: "This has been overall wonderful. I have gotten challenged and inspired equally. I feel more prepared than ever before to launch my ideas into the world!"

Upcoming Global Leader Experience programmes are taking place in Boston, Chicago, Singapore and eventually in all of the 50 Magnet Cities of the world.